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An original interview of Rémi Gazel by Josh Taipale (Ongaku concept)… in English :)

Please visit his site :

2015/08/10 – Interview of Rémi Gazel by Taiki Sensei

Taiki is a talented writer, passionate notably by the video game universe.

He wanted to know more:
(sorry : in French ! If anyone would like to help us for the subtitles, it would be a great pleasure :)

N’hésitez-pas à visiter sa chaîne :

2015/03/24 – That was heavy guys!

3, 4 and all is set up! All riiiiight!

On March the 24th Rémi GAZEL and his band rehearsed for the second day a 4 tracks set from the RAYMAN 1 ost and I can tell you that everybody is ready! Woaw … Amazing!

So, on April the 15th we will record a 4-track EP live and though carry on the adventure of this project with new material.

Here is a first footage as a witness of the second rehearsal. Enjoy!

24 mars

Thanks to the musicians, the filmmaker, the cook, the owner of this great place and to the little audience who applaused, danced and laughed!

See you soon for the following of this project!

R1L project manager

2015/03/12 – What the … Is it music I hear?

As we thought, 2015 is already giving something.

On the latest days we met some people and carried up the project.

Breaking news: we will record 4 tracks on april the 15th.

For this recordind we organized 2 days of rehearsal: a 8 musicians gig included Rémi of course.

Just before this rehearsal, Rémi musically met Anthony, our lead guitar player. What do you think about this Mr DARK?


… goose-flesh for myself friends!

Other news in the days to come, video of the rehearsal, following of the organization of the project etc.

Just for fun a little selfie of Rémi, Emmanuel Carré (public relations manager) and myself, after a meeting @ Ubisoft in Montreuil (France).




Project manager



2014/11/29 – The Toulouse Game Show, it was awesome!

And now some pix from our presence at the Toulouse Game Show (TGS) this week-end.
Great moments with Bruno Grandinetti (our Rayman 1 music live project manager), Christophe Héral and the whole Pix’n Love Editions team.
Big up to Michaël Guarné, Asroth Fred, Marc Pétronille and everybody met there :-)

With Bruno Grandinetti and Christophe Héral.
Book signing of The story of Rayman’ by Michaël Guarné (no English version yet but it’s in progress for 2015 according to Pix’n Love) with an amazing real time drawing session by ‘Asroth Fred the great’ who made the editorial layout of the book.
 Rémi Gazel au Toulouse Game Show
 Rémi Gazel au Toulouse Game Show

Asroth Fred and Michaël Guarné

Family picture with Sandrine, the fan among the fans :-)


2014/06/01 – Pix & Tech video With Christophe Héral


2014/05/25  – At Pix & Tech with Christophe Héral. Video coming soon :)




2014/03/14 - The site speaked about the project in the JT (à 1’10) :


2014/03/12 - A newspaper on the site


2014/03/03 – First rehearsal


2014/02/15 – Meeting with Néné, sound engineer



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